Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Along Awaited, Lesser Known Post Season Awards

Everyone knows this past Saturday that the most famous individual award in athletics was handed out, that of course being the Heisman Trophy. Sam Bradford, the sophomore quarterback of national championship bound Oklahoma walked away with the hardware, keeping Tim Tebow from being becoming the second player ever to win multiple Heisman's.

As you may remember (those of you who have followed in years past), here at WTTO we hand out the lesser known post season college football awards, so here it goes for 2008...

Eric Crouch Cup - Worst Throwing Quarterback

Top 4
1. Threet - MICH
2. Williams - ILL
3. Davis - IND
4. Bacher - NW

Faust-Ie-Ham - Worst Coaching Performance

Top 4
1. Tubberville - AUB
2. Weis - ND
3. Stewart - WV
4. Richt - UGA

Lance Harbor Award - Most "Catchy" Name as a Quarterback

Top 4
1. Dan LeFevour - CMU
2. Tim Tebow - UF
3. Chase Daniel - MIZZOU
4. John Parker Wilson - BAMA

Gordie Lockbaum Award - Heisman Finalist with Zero Chance
Awarded each year to that one finalist who you know will not win college football's biggest individual prize, past winners include the likes Darnell Autry of Northwestern, Randy Moss of Marshall, and Alex Smith of Utah. Unlike the other awards, this one is always clear as day. All knew coming in that with Oklahoma battling Florida in the national title it was a two horse race and that Colt McCoy, although being WTTO's pick, had the smallest chance of winning.

tOSU Sad Family Award - Home Loss that Hurt the Most

New to the award platform this year, this award goes to that team who's loss at home stings the worst. Named for the family shown to the left who was left in tears after Texas defeated tOSU in Columbus in 2005, it was a tough challenge to pick a winner in 2008.

Top 4:
1. Toledo 10 @ Michigan 7 - A bad season for Michigan turned horrible here.

2. Ole Miss 31 @ Florida 30 - So long perfect season, a national title berth keeps this from #1.
3. Oregon 65 @ Oregon State 38 - Rose Bowl Bound? Not so fast, Beavers.
4. Syracuse 24 @ Notre Dame 23 - First ever school loss for the Irish to an 8 loss team...ever.

There they are ladies and gentlemen. Be sure to stay tuned as this bowl season we will offer yet again more projections, reactions, thoughts, and stupidity. Until next time, happy holidays all.