Thursday, September 20, 2007

West Virginia

At least there is some humor in the world of college football that can still make me smile these days. That and the fact that Kirk Herbstriet feels pretty confident that the Irish will be back in a real short amount of time.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ty is a better coach than Charlie

Ask anyone, Ty is obviously a better coach than Charlie Weis. Weis can only win with Ty's players, forget the fact that nearly every main contributor on the Notre Dame team this year is in their first real year of big time contribution.

Ty beat a bad Syracuse team and won against a Boise State team that was rated highly only because of their success last year. For those that say Ty is such a great coach, talk to me in 5 weeks...after the Huskies drop 5 games in a row to Ohio State, USC, UCLA, Oregon, and Arizona State. I'm not exaggerating, Arizona State is the only one of the five games I could see Ty winning.

Has Charlie Weis done perfect at Notre Dame? No. The offensive line has looked terrible in the first two weeks, nothing more can be said for them. Lowest rated running game in college football, they have talent up front, the offensive line is just not getting the job done.

One thing that I do disagree with Weis in is the fact he has failed to really make the field vertical yet this year. Two plays the Irish really threw the ball downfield so far this year, one from Evan Sharpley to David Grimes, with Grimes just being overthrown against GaTech and the other being from Jimmy Clausen to Golden Tate on a play that was actually completed against Penn State, but negated because of holding.

I would like to see Charlie and the offense test the Michigan secondary a little more this weekend. Appalachian State showed success with it and Oregon had a successful day throwing the ball as well. Usually the pass game is used to compliment the run game...this week I feel this may have to change.

If I were a coach, which I stress I am not, the offense should come out with four receivers against the Wolverines this weekend. Spread them out, take away their ability to blitz...or at least minimize it. USC is the only team with as good of defense as the Irish faced in both week one and week two.

I feel you go to a shotgun set and spread the receivers out and good things are bound to happen. Spread the linebackers out and open up running holes a little bit better. These are little things that have not been done by Notre Dame this year and that is what I question. The offensive line has dropped the ball more than any other contributor to the Irish team...why not take the pressure off of them a little bit?