Saturday, October 03, 2009

And Now To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming...

I'm disappointed that I don't have this game on tape. Why you ask? Not because of the come from behind victory for the third week in a row (as nice as it would be to watch in the off-season), instead because of the the brain freeze by those at NBC Chicago.

I'm not the only one who saw this, both my sister and my old man sent me text messages from a-far, crying for an answer as to what was going on (in which I had no idea).

For those who don't know or are unaware, NBC Chicago cut out of the Irish victory on Saturday at a very unoportune time. As overtime began NBC got the ball rolling fine but right when Jimmy Clausen was set to take the first snap of the extra period, a message came across that NBC was joining their previously scheduled show already in progress.

Enter roughly two minutes of "Access Hollywood".

I don't care about John, Kate, or the eight children at any moment of the day, let alone when Notre Dame is in overtime. Instead of Irish football I had news of John and Kate coming across my TV, needless to say I was furious.

After the roughly two minutes (in which's gametracker wouldn't update and my AM radio decided to take the moment off), Golden Tate had put the Irish in prime position for a touchdown.

What is the first thing I see when the game comes back on? Golden Tate doing a sumersault, my only thought was he had to have fumbled from the angle he was falling in the air...thanks to NBC Chicago I barely even had an idea he made a reception.

The first play they actually show, Robert Hughes scores on a short touchdown run. Notre Dame eventually gets a stop on defense and wins the game, all that is right in the world shows up through my television with pictures of the events in South Bend.

How something like this happens today is unreal, with the money NBC invests in Notre Dame football you can bet that whichever coordinator at NBC in Chicago that called for or made the switch to Access Hollywood is having trouble sleeping tonight. Sadly, that person is likely not going to be collecting a check from the colored peacock again anytime soon.
For those who didn't see it, I can only hope a video of it shows up on YouTube before long.