Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More SC

Is USC really as great as they're being out to be? I honestly don't think so. Grant it the Trojans are much like the Irish in that they play down to the level of the competition on a pretty regular basis. However Notre Dame's three close calls this year that they escaped were against Georgia Tech (Possible ACC Champ), Michigan State (always close), and UCLA (major turning point of season).

When we look at USC they barely escaped with wins against Washington State, Washington, and Arizona State before finally losing at Oregon State. I believe as little in margin of victory as one possibly can, but come on. You would figure one time in a month that this team would have shown up and played to their full potential. Maybe they really aren't as good as they're being made out to be as little as ESPN would like to think so.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Daily Dose...

"This past Saturday night, USC faced the most talented offensive team it will face this year (yes, Notre Dame is not as talented as the Bears). "

That was taken from Don't believe me? Look for the article here yourself. I was unaware that Cal had such a great offense. I'll hand it to Marshawn Lynch, but let's face it, nobody in the Pac 10 plays defense. Just look how outstanding the Bears played in Rocky Top this season.

I really hope that the Trojans think they are just going to roll on Saturday Night. In case they didn't get the memo, Ty Willingham isn't coaching the Irish anymore. Instead he's at Washington, and he came within the last play of the game of beating the Men of Troy this season.

With a loss at Oregon State, and wins just sneaking by both Washington and Washington State, the Trojans are a damn beatable team. I'm tired of hearing how much better than the Irish the Trojans are. You watch ESPN and they're basically writing us off, not really giving us a chance in this ballgame. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

What does Pete Carroll have to say about it you ask?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

BCS Update

Interesting that Michigan does not fall a spot in any of the polls. Do I agree with it? Not necessarily, and heres why.

Michigan is the second best team in the nation right now, but they have had their chance to beat #1 and were unable to do so. Since Michigan already had their chance, the winner of the SEC or USC deserve their shot at things. What makes Michigan more deserving of a national title berth than USC? Or Florida? Notice I did not say Notre Dame. I feel they are more deserving than the Irish because of the head to head outcome (if I didn't say this than I would no longer be able to complain about 1993). However Michigan had their chance at the Buckeyes. Until Florida, USC, and Arkansas all lose again I feel the Skunk bears should have to take their number and wait in line for a rematch.

Now to my weekly top 10...

1. Ohio State
2. USC
3. Florida
4. Michigan
5. Notre Dame
6. Arkansas
7. Louisville
8. LSU
9. West Virginia
10. Wisconsin

Ohio State showed me that they are deserving of the #1 ranking this weekend, I don't really expect any argument, unless you're a Boise State fan. I ranked the rest of the teams based on their deserving of the national championship berth.

USC right now has the best case I would have to believe. They have "impressive wins" over Cal and at Arkansas. Now they still have games against Notre Dame and at UCLA, two games I'm not so sure about for the Trojans, but if they run the table they should be #2.

Florida would have an impressive resume as well if they run the table. Winning the SEC Conference is a lot to say in itself, and then also having a big win over Western Carolina. I guess LSU could have been a better example there.

Michigan does not deserve to be in the national championship game any more than either of these two teams. They had their chance against Ohio State and came up just short. If Michigan fans want to complain about things if they don't get a rematch in the national title don't come crying to me. Instead bring it up with that defense your prided yourselves on all year, that defense that allowed over 500 yards of offense this weekend.

In other news Troy Smith basically wrapped up the Heisman Trophy this weekend. He proved himself to me this weekend and I will admit that he is more deserving of the trophy than Brady Quinn. Probably a good thing for Quinn's future, seeing nearly all Heisman winners have been busts in the pros in recent year. I am sure Brady won't be too upset with being the #1 or #2 pick in April's draft and a multi-million dollar signing bonus to go along with it. Not a bad consolation prize, Mr. Quinn.

We'll get to my predictions of how the BCS will turn out later on in the week.

Simply Said...

It's USC Week.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


So I just got done watching the fourth or fifth "Game of the Century" of this century and it was pretty close to living up to the expectations. The two teams played and in all honesty, Michigan just didn't deserve to win. They didn't capitalize off of turnovers like they did against the Irish, and then allowed over 500 yards offense. Still a solid game though. However, when going to the bathroom after the game I noticed something that looked very familiar, like I had just seen it on the TV or something...
Could it be????

I would like to think that the one on top is what less pieces of crap call home.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Senior Day

In my Irish history books (which dates back to roughly 1991 if you're wondering) I do not remember a class of players that went through so much in their four years under the Golden Dome. They came in as Ty Willingham's first real recruiting class and had a lot of hype around them.

In their freshman seasons expectations were high at Notre Dame but Willingham and his staff did would became a custom during his three year run and that is underachieve. Take a team that was in a New Years Day Bowl one year, and finish with a 5-6 record the next. This was also the year of embarrassing losses at home to Florida State and USC. This year was awful from the start but for some reason I was optimistic coming into '04.

Those dreams were quickly dashed as BYU took it to us the first week of the season. That showed how effective Ty Willingham was at Notre Dame, putting up a lonely 10 points on the offensive side of the ball while Preston Jackson returned a pick for a score. This year featured an upset win against Michigan the next week, where we were able to see what can happen when Brady is allowed to air it out a little bit. Embarrassing losses at home to Pitt and BC summed this season up as it was luckily Willingham's last in the Bend.

Then came last year. After it seemed like nobody wanted the Notre Dame job it really looked like these young men were going to be left for dead. Instead Charlie Weis came in with these players with what was called no talent, and was dubbed by the national media as a team that would be lucky to make it to a bowl game. I would like to think that the team did a ton of growing up over this off season and really found out what Notre Dame football is all about. It was great to see us have a Heisman Trophy contender once again as well as a berth in the BCS.

Then this year started off with high expectations, only to see our dreams of a national title taken away in week three against Michigan. However with this team growing week in and week out, they are well within reason to think they have a chance at a National Title Berth. Its hard to believe but the four years with these young men is just about up.

When they run out of that tunnel for the last time tomorrow I honestly might shed a tear. I am young myself, but I feel like I have watched this specific group of boys mature into men. Maybe its because they are just about the same age as me and I remember like yesterday, being at the Blue/Gold game in 2003, standing around the Joyce Center with the likes of Brady Quinn, and Tom Zbikowski before they were who they are today. Seeing these kids, almost on an orientation day so to say, then going through the same thing myself a year later. I realize that I'm getting older too. I don't know. All I know is that it is going to be a long time until we have another class go through Notre Dame and go through what this class went through.

Congratulations on finally returning the Irish to Glory. Good Luck Class of '07, its been a hell of a run, and it sure isn't over just yet.

Irish 44 Army 10


width="425">Its official. I hate Ohio State fans more than any fans in the country. Good lord, this guy epitomizes everything that is wrong with tOSU. The only word he knows to say is the "F" bomb. Impressive Columbus, must be that stellar vocabulary they teach in your schools. You may call Michigan fans dumb, and I may not think the most of them, but you make them all look like Einstien buddy.

RIP - Bo Schembechler 1929-2006
-Good luck telling God how much you hate Notre Dame while looking him in the eye.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Who do I Want to Play?

There are really two teams I would love to see in a bowl game, but I don't really think either is going to happen. Florida and Michigan would be the two teams, but I'm not so sure that either will happen.

I want to play Michigan for the fact that they came into Notre Dame Stadium and flat out embarrassed the Irish. Are they the better team right now? You can't really argue that but we are better than we showed in that game and I would like to get some respect back for it. However we would have to be in the National Title game in order for this to occur.

The Gators are the other team that I would love to see in a bowl game. If Ohio State/Michigan is a very close game a rematch could take place in the national title. That would set the Gators up to be in the Sugar Bowl if they won the SEC Championship.

If there was anyone else that I would really like on this list it would be Texas. I have said they were overrated since day one of the football season and I would love to see Brady Quinn march the Irish offense all over their overhyped D. This is just about impossible seeing as long as Texas finishes the year Big XII champs, they'll be in the Fiesta Bowl most likely playing an unbeaten Boise State team, who they would likely murder.

Other than those three there really isn't a team I would really like to play. There would be some interesting match ups, say Arkansas for example. Mitch Mustain against the coach that didn't really have a spot for him. Ohio State, but there is really no chance of that seeing they will be in either Pasadena or the National Title.

Whatever the case, it looks like we're in good shape for the BCS, win or lose against SC. Until next time, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the planets align and we somehow get that spot in the title game against Michigan.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Carlson Out

Its been reported that Tight End John Carlson will miss the remainder of the regular season. Carlson has turned a lot of heads this year, replacing Anthony Fasano. Marcus Freeman will pick up most of the load with Carlson out, while Konrad Reuland and Will Yeatman currently are listed right behind him on the depth chart, so expect to see both of them against Army and USC the next two weeks.

Carlson had 46 receptions for 621 yards and 4 scores this season. Coach Weis didn't rule out the possibility that John would be back in the bowl game saying, ‘’I'm being practical saying it’s a long shot that we’ll have him back for USC,” said Coach Charlie Weis, “but we’ll have him back for whatever game we end up playing at the end of the season.'’

Bad break for the Irish but I don't the loss will hurt as much as some may expect. Freeman doesn't have quite the same ability to be as much as a throwing target as Carlson, but he is a solid blocker.


So my roommate turns 21 today, happy birthday to him. But that's not the reason for this post.

"Maybe we will win a game this year"
Is what is written under Omar Jenkins in my calendar from 2005. Clever, shmucks.

Instead the shmuck on the left made a rather intelligent point when discussing the college football playoff system today. He's a Michigan fan over the past 3 years we have very nearly come to blows the second week of September.

However he made a very good point earlier this evening. If the NCAA were to instill a college football playoff it would take away from the game. And I quote him by saying "Ohio State/Michigan would mean absolutely nothing if there was a college football playoff".

He couldn't anymore right. Honestly, if there were a playoff this game would be just like the NFL is in the final weeks of its season. All the stars would be on the bench making sure they didn't get hurt in a game between two teams with their playoff lives assured.

So Kudos to him for being one of the seemingly less and less people that agree with me that college football does not need a playoff system.

In other news I feel confident that my "ND Wall" has taken over the "Big House Corner" in our room. See for yourself...

It's a miracle that one of us hasn't killed the other, Happy Birthday.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Top 10/Heisman

Well, I got bashed for saying that Louisville wasn't the third best team in the nation after beating West Virginia last week. I guess I'm the idiot, I apologize to you all. I also apologize for blowing smoke up all your asses about how Rutgers knock them off this week.

Anyway, a weekend full of upsets and realignment in my top 10. Without any further a dew...

1. Michigan
2. Ohio State
3. Notre Dame
4. USC
5. Arkansas
6. Florida
7. Rutgers
8. Louisville
9. Wisconsin
10. Wake Forest

Wow, talk about a shakeup. I have some explaining to do so here we go with that...

-Michigan over Ohio State, as I explained last week I feel Michigan has done more to deserve the ranking than tOSU has this season. Without preseason rankings, this is what all polls would show.

-Notre Dame #3? I know I have them jumping over Florida but my reason for that is Florida does not look like a real title contender right now. Major problems getting by South Carolina this week. Notre Dame struggled early in the year against lesser opponents and has gotten better, Florida has seemed to struggle more as the year has progressed.

-Arkansas comes sailing up the charts, up 3 spots from last week. Sure Tennessee was a beat up, but the Razorbacks are getting better as the year goes on. Had they not lost to USC in week 1, I would have them over the Trojans as well.

-Rutgers 7th. If they win out I will tell you that they deserve to be in the National Championship game. We'll discuss that if it happens now, they still have to travel to Morganstown to finish the regular season. For now they are just better than Louisville.

-Wisconsin. Wow. Wisconsin I thought could surprise some teams this year, based soley on their defense. I thought the Badgers made a smart move with the coaching change this year, but I didn't expect things to go quite this smooth. A Wisconsin team with their only loss being in the Big House deserves to be in the top 10.

-Wake Forest. Yes, I am aware that the ACC is down this year but you have to give credit where credit is due. Wake has come from nowhere and is within one play in the Clemson game of being unbeaten right now. I think they are a notch below most of the rest of the top 10, but still worthy of a top 10 ranking.

The Heisman Trophy can be won or lost this weekend as Ohio State hosts Michigan. If Troy Smith plays well and the Buckeyes win you can pretty much inscribe his name on the coveted award. However if he falters (which he very well might do), Brady Quinn will have a golden opportunity next week to showcase himself against USC.

I am bothered that Mike Hart is not being brought up at all for the award. has Colt McCoy and Colt Brennan rated above him in their Heisman poll this week, something I really don't understand. Maybe its because Hart is not as flashy as other backs, but in my opinion hes one of the four or five best offensive players in the college game today, as he has shown this entire season while rushing for 1300+ and 11 scores...and not fumbling once.

Could it be?

We went into this weekend ranked #9 in the nation, with most teams having three games left in their seasons. A ridiculous amount of things would have to happen in order for the Irish to get a national championship berth, its not possible. I even laughed to myself whenever I would hear an announcer say that Notre Dame still has BCS Title hopes.

Well, I have to say after yesterday that the Irish hopes are not looking all that faint. If Notre Dame wins out (Army, @USC) and Florida loses one game (Western Carolina, FSU, SEC Championship) then Notre Dame will be #3 in most of the polls. Michigan and Ohio State battle next week and it will be hard for one of them to maintain their position in the polls coming off of a loss. It rarely happens and I somewhat have trouble believing that the BCS would put their championship in the hands of one conference.

Really seems like it could be a very sweet end to the season after it started off so poorly.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Air Force

It looks like the snow/sleet is going to hold off later on in Colorado Springs today which should be good news for the Irish offense. We shouldn't have to rely as much on the running game today as would have had to been bad conditions.

I keep trying to tell myself that we should roll in this one because its Air Force. For some reason we just have never really been able to blow out the Air Force Academy, no matter how much better of a team we have had. This week I just keep thinking about how they came within a two-point conversion of upsetting Tennessee in Rocky Top.

I expect this afternoon to be quite a bit like when we played Navy two weeks ago. The Air Force offense is good, but after seeing it for two or three possessions, it is a lot easier to defend. I expect our defense to be able to do that and slow down the Falcons running game sometime starting in the second quarter.

Offensively, Erik Ainge was able to throw for 333 yards against Air Force earlier this year, while completing 24 of 29 passes with 3 scores. Erik Ainge is no Brady Quinn and the Tennessee receiving core is nowhere near the talent level of Samardzija, McKnight, and Carlson. Brady should have a pretty big day as it appears he's finally getting going after the past few weeks.

On defense the Irish will stack the line against Air Force, probably having 8 or 9 guys in the box on most occasions. Also I would expect to see Shaun Carney, the fleet footed quarterback for AF be spied most of the afternoon, because he can be lethal if he gets outside the the tackles.

I think both teams will exchange a couple of scores early on but I really expect the Irish to pull away in this one in the second half.

ND 38 Air Force 17

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Irish Sign 2

So the Irish have shown that they're alive and well in recruiting after the last two days, signing two recruits in Emeka Nwankwo and Greg Little.

Nwankwo could help fill in for the loses on the offensive line. Most likely won't compete for a starting job as a freshman but will benefit from a year or two in the program before he really contributes. He doesn't come in with as much hype as others in the class will come in with, but is from the same county as Irish freshman Sam Young. We will see what Nwankwo turns into, obviously he has some talent as Auburn, Florida State, and Florida among others were all chasing him.

Greg Lee comes in after declaring last month that his race was down to Notre Dame and North Carolina. After he realized UNC didn't want him for basketball he chose ND. Lee seems like a football player that can play any position he desires to when you see him. He plays running back, wide out, and linebacker now. Perhaps another Travis Thomas in the making? We shall see. For now I'm happy that both these young men chose Notre Dame.

Just too bad for Arrelious Benn. The star high school reciever from Washington DC chose the Illinois Fighting Illini as his college football choice today. I hate to bash a kid making a decision, because he's 18 years old and maybe for what he's looking for, Illinois is just a better fit. However, I just hope he realized how Ron Zook compares to Charlie Weis when it comes to preparing college football players for the NFL.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Last week everyone made a huge deal about the Louisville/West Virginia game. This week, Louisville may actually have a tougher task at hand though. They travel to Rutgers this Thursday night, in a game they must win in order to keep their national title hopes alive.

Louisville winning this game would mean more to me than their win last week against WV.

First off the Cardinals are coming off an emotional high. Very few teams are able to win huge games in back to back weeks. We saw it with Florida earlier in the year, defeating LSU at home one week, but then traveling to Auburn and falling seven days later.

Rutgers actually plays defense, allowing just over 9 points a game. As long as Rutgers doesn't let Louisville get off to a quick start, this game should go just about to the wire. Without falling behind early, it will enable the Scarlet Knights to give Ray Rice the ball and we saw last week how Louisville was at stopping the run.

With that said, can Rutgers really win? Are we really talking about Rutgers being a possible BCS/National Title contender? Good lord, this really does seem like something out of a dynasty in NCAA.

Remember that Rutgers didn't play last week, and has had nearly two weeks to get ready for this game. Did I just talk myself into picking the Scarlet Knights?

I'm afraid so. Louisville's national championship dreams end here...

Rutgers 23 Louisville 19

Solid back? Yes. Heisman? Don't push your luck, Jersey.

Monday, November 06, 2006

So Nice to See You

Is a higher power trying to get me to be an OU fan or what?!?!


Was it the best of performances on the year? Not exactly, but a few things really are making me be optimistic for the rest of the season. Those being the offense and the play of special teams.

Brady Quinn had himself a very Brady-like day. 23/35 (65.7%), along with 4 touchdown passes, and a couple of scrambles on key plays. Brady is the best quarterback in the nation at managing a game, there isn't a doubt in my mind. Much to what Charlie Weis had to say in his Sunday press conference, he isn't afraid to throw the little 3 or 4 yard pass if the man down field is not open.

I was more than satisfied with the performance of the receivers than I have in past weeks. Samardzija set the all time Notre Dame touchdown reception mark, while Rhema McKnight added a pair of scores and John Carlson found the end zone as well. The receivers played very well all day and appear to be coming around at the right time.

The Special Teams played very well and very poorly at the same time. Zbikowski's punt return was the first of the season to go for six for the Irish, and he was literally a shoestring away from taking another back. I was upset about the kickoff return for a score, seeing the return man from UNC should have been tackled about three different times. Also George West's muffed punt didn't exactly please me. It was nice to see him be able to redeem himself later in the game when Coach Weis sent him back out there.

When Brady was hit out of bounds the usher of my section had to bring me a defibrillator to kickstart my heart. I'm going to be honest, I nearly shit my pants when I saw that.

I was very impressed with the way the Notre Dame players handled themselves throughout the game. UNC had 5 personal fouls in the fourth quarter while the Irish didn't retaliate with any. Kudos to the players and coaching staff. Also, I'm not sure if NBC caught this, but a player from North Carolina tried sprinting across the field during the shoving match after the Quinn episode. About 3 coaches on UNC did a helluva job containing him, and keeping him from getting out into the open, if anyone has video or has seen video and knows what I'm talking about, feel free to vouch for me.

The main thing I was disappointed in this weekend was the play of Terrell Lambert. It seems like one week he can be a life saver, then the next just act as if he is only going through the motions. I wish we could get a little consistency from him because his upside is very high. Defensively I thought the other defensive backs played very well and our pass rush was pretty solid most of the afternoon.

All in all, a good football weekend in the Bend as I saw the Irish improve to 8-2 (5-0 during DavieHam) when I have been in attendance. Now I have to figure out how the hell I'm going to watch the game this weekend, odds are I'll bust out the ole' radio and turn on WLS. If anyone knows about game watches in the Naperville area that you don't have to be 21 to attend, feel free to let me know.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


What exactly does Temple put in their Gatorade coolers? I know some teams change the pace a little bit from time to time and put water in the cooler, but according to this guy, the Owls try something else. Maybe this is why they hadn't won in 20 games...

The quote comes toward the end of the clip, but try not to skip over the blocked punt. Its pretty god damn ridiculous as well.

Just thought I would also throw in my two sense about Temple sharing the Philadelphia Eagles facility for home football games. You might want to consider renting out a local high school, I have a feeling it might be a little cheaper and actually appear to be half full.

This Week

Not the biggest of games this weekend, but still another solid week in the college football world. Atop the rankings Ohio State's offense didn't put up as many points as they were expected to against Illinois, but they did hold the Illini scoreless. At a first glance Michigan will look to have appeared to struggle against Ball State, but most of the Cardinals points were scored late in the game against a second string defense. These are still the best two teams in the country.

How good is Louisville?

They allowed 540 yards of offense against West Virginia. Let me repeat myself, 5-4-0, five hundred forty. Yes. That many and they still won. They have a great offense but a very shaky D. A top 5 team? Their record alone gets them the #3 ranking in the AP Poll this week, but I honestly feel that they can play with 3 teams in the top 10: #10 West Virginia (they beat), #9 Notre Dame (because of defensive miss-matches), and #5 Auburn (because of their one dimensional offense).

Is Ohio State worthy of a unanimous #1 ranking?

In all honesty, if you don't come out with rankings until this week in the year, I feel that Michigan would be the #1 team in the nation. Ohio State beat an over hyped Texas team and a disappointing Iowa team. Grant it they have blown out who they were supposed to blow out, but as for this year I have been far more impressed with the Wolverines. Michigan has a just flat out nasty defense and have the most impressive win of the year so far. However, since tOSU started #1 and have not lost, all pollsters will leave them there.

Hold off on putting Troy Smith's name on the Heisman Trophy...

What exactly has Troy Smith done to win the Heisman this year? He manages the offense for the #1 team in the nation. He has been good, yes, but not head and shoulders above everyone else? Beware though Troy. Brady Quinn and Mike Hart are looking in your eye in your rear view mirror. One slip and depending on how Hart does against Ohio State and Quinn does against USC, one of those two may very well walk away with the coveted trophy.

Weekly Top 10:
I'm changing the top of my poll now. As I said previously, Michigan has shown me more this season than has Ohio State. Therefore...
1. Michigan
2. Ohio State
3. Auburn
4. Florida
5. Notre Dame
6. Louisville
7. USC
8. Cal
9. Arkansas
10. Texas

There Longhorns. Congrats, you made my top 10. Where's West Virginia? Oh yea, they got killed destroyed and didn't win like many of you guaranteed to me. At least we don't have to hear them bitch about not getting a shot at a national title anymore.

You can make the case the Louisville should be higher and it is a solid debate. I just feel that still the majority of the Top 10 would take them down in head-to-head matchups.

That's all for now. If you see my roommate, give him a hug. He opened a sports book account this weekend and things haven't gone as planned so far.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


As stated before, Michigan or Ohio State will win easily in the national title if matched up against the Big East Champ. Good lord. Louisville's run game is damn good, not good enough to compete with Michigan or Ohio State though.

Having to out slug your opponents can only get you so far. In order to win a national title, you have to have an above average defense at worse. Louisville doesn't come anywhere near that. Their defense will not keep them in the game against Ohio State or Michigan. That is if they can get by Rutgers next week.

Everyone all of a sudden thinks the Big East deserves a lot of credit for having two top 5 teams. Well guess what, neither deserves to be there. I'm just happy that Louisville went out and proved my right tonight. I think I'm one of about 8 people outside of the Bluegrass State that actually had the Redbirds as the better team, with or without Michael Bush.