Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm Back

While I was gone plenty happened. I apologize, I am a college student after all and with an unpaid internship going on and a lot of class work for a change it has been hard for me to get on here on a consistent basis, or at all even. But since I have been away plenty has happened.

Corwin Brown is the new defensive coordinator, seems to have a good track record. As for a Michigan guy taking over an important coaching position, it will be different getting used to but at least we might have a hint of a secondary now.

Recruiting came and went, another top 10 class but not a whole lot on the defensive side of the ball. It should be interesting to see what Coach Weis can do with this class. I was also disappointed to see a few bail outs on Signing Day but what can you do? Enjoy North Carolina Greg Little.

Basketball has also consumed me the last couple of months. I know I'm late but congrats to Colin Falls for setting the Big East record for career three pointers. Quite the feat, also congrats to Mike Brey for being named Big East Coach of the Year this past weekend. As you all know the Irish were picked to finish eleventh in conference this year in the preseason coaches poll. Fourth in the regular season was a solid showing with a near upset of Georgetown in the conference tournament semi's.

This past afternoon was Selection Sunday. Combine it with the first day of the tournament and it is right there with New Years Day for my favorite day of the year, sports related anyway. The Irish drew a #6 seed where they will play Winthrop. Are you kidding me? The Big East was regarded by most to be the toughest conference in college hoops this season and the Irish finished fourth in it. The Irish should have been in contention for a #4 seed, I thought a #5 was a safe bet. Instead they draw amongst the toughest mid majors and a #6. Not real sure how this happens, especially when you look and see the likes of Virginia, Va Tech, Maryland, and Tennessee. The Irish had a stronger case than all of these teams for a #5 seed and were flat out screwed by the tournament selection committee.

That's all for now, finals tomorrow morning. Can't wait for this term to be done and to go on spring Coal City, Il.