Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Irish to Gain Cornerback?

Spencer Boyd, a three star prospect from the Sunshine State has announced that he will make his verbal commitment on Friday. The good news for Notre Dame is that the Fighting Irish find themselves to be a finalist for his commitment along with rival Michigan as well as the University of Georgia.

The glass is half empty:
Boyd was quoted as saying he is very close to Wolverines head coach Rich Rodriguez and that he likes the size of the University of Michigan. If a bigger school is something he craves, Notre Dame is not going to be his place. He also noted that he would be able to play early at Michigan.

The glass is half full:
Boyd is yet to make a visit to Georgia and its pretty rare that a player commits to a college without ever actually stepping foot there. He was also quoted as saying he "had that feeling" when he was on Notre Dame's campus. He also noted that he would be able to play early at Notre Dame as well.

I don't know which way I lean in predicting where Boyd will end up. If the Irish get him, great...if not, its not the end of the world. Obviously it is nice to see players choose Notre Dame over the likes of Michigan and Georgia when it comes down to it but don't confuse yourself, this isn't a Jimmy Clausen or Manti we're waiting on here.

Boyd has not yet mentioned a time or setting for his announcement this Friday, I'll let you know if I hear before then.


Chris McCarty said...

Boyd's father has said he's Irish. Couple solid CB's on board so far waiting on Riggs and/or Shaw to finish off CB's for the class.

Clay said...

Bro, he isn't Clausen or Manti because he's Boyd. Marinate on that. And while you're marinating, peep the highlight video on UHND:

Looks like a playmaker to me. And let's not forget this kid is running circles around people in Florida.

Also, this kid lays the wood. We seem to be getting some big hitting and sound tackling D-backs in this class (watch Badger's highlight video).


tiger said...