Thursday, August 31, 2006

Conference Preview

So watching the South Carolina/Mississippi State game really got me excited for this year. The fun really doesn't begin until this Saturday so here's what I will do. Each week I will make a BCS prediction by predicting what the 5 BCS bowls are each week. This week I will also give predictions to who will win these games.

We'll start this one by telling who will win each conference...

Big East - Louisville
I feel West Virginia is more talented but will have too tough of a time upstaging the Cardinals at Papa John's Stadium. If the game were played in Morgantown my prediction would be different, but Louisville it is.

ACC - Miami
I think the 'Canes might have the best overall defense in the nation this season. If they get by the Seminoles in week one, a title berth could be in hand.

Big Ten - Iowa
Okay you heard it here first. The Hawkeyes will win the Big Ten crown. They are just as talented Ohio State and get them at home. Penn State is off of the schedule, and with a win in the big house the Hawkeyes could be playing for a national title.

Big XII - Texas
Questions remain on offense but a lot of the defense is back. With the Sooners loosing Rhett Bomar the Longhorns turn into the obvious Big XII pick.

Pac 10 - USC
USC has way too much firepower to not win the Pac 10 again this year. Their toughest conference game will be Cal who they host this season the week before the showdown with Notre Dame. It will be tough but USC will repeat yet again.

SEC - Auburn
The SEC is loaded this year but Auburn is my favorite. Florida has too rough of a schedule and LSU has to go to the Jungle.

So the BCS looks like this to me...

Louisville vs. Auburn

Iowa vs. USC

Ohio State vs. LSU

Texas vs. Texas Christian

National Championship:
Notre Dame vs. Miami

There you go, take it to vegas and make millions.

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