Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Heisman

The most notable individual award in any sport. Not a Cy Young award, not an MVP...It's the Heisman Trophy. People complain that it obviously does not go to the best player in college football because of the lack of success that recent winners have had in the pro ranks. Duh, it doesn't say anything about being a good pro. Lets look at this years candidates...

Wide Recievers:

Ted Ginn - Ohio State

One of the most athletic players in all of college football, Ginn is always exciting to watch. Arguably the fastest player in the nation Ginn can get behind nearly any defensive secondary and put a hurting on opponents. Oh yeah, he returns punts too.

Calvin Johnson - Georgia Tech

A very darkhorse to actually win the Heisman, Johnson is just as good as any other reciever in college football. He can stop on a dime and catches just about anything thrown on his side of the field. Don'e believe me? See for yourself.

Jeff Samardzija - Notre Dame

Brady Quinn's favorite target, the 6'5'' Samardzija came out of nowhere to set the Notre Dame single season record for receptions and scores last season. "The Shark" will bite many opponents this season, and if it wasn't for a great quarterback and excellent running back, would be a legit contender.

D'Wayne Jarrett - Southern California

Jarrett lead the nation by snagging 16 touchdown passes a year ago. He will have Steve Smith playing opposite of him as he will be the favorite target of young quarterback John David Booty. Booty being an unexperienced quarterback isn't going to be Matt Lienart and will likely keep Jarrett from turning into a true contender.

Running Backs:

Garrett Wolfe - RB - Northern Illinois Univ.

The 5'7'' running back is a darkhorse, but his stats don't lie. He ran for over 1500 yards last season, including a 148 yard erruption in week one in the big house and then 248 more against Northwestern. He's a legit back, but unless he has a big performance in week one at the Horseshoe, his chances are shot.

Mike Hart - RB - Michigan

He may have had a down year while being plauged by injury all last season, but Hart is still one of the top backs in the nation. He will be on national television nearly every weekend and with big performances against Notre Dame and Ohio State, he could quickly turn into a frontrunner.

Kenny Irons - RB - Auburn

He might not be the best back in the nation, but Irons will carry the load for the Tigers offense this year. If he can put up near 1500 yards and the Tigers make a run at a title game berth, Irons will have to be considered.

Darius Walker - RB - Notre Dame

Not the star of this offense by any means but if you were to put him in just about uniform in the country, Walker would be a 1500 yard rusher. Excellent at catching the ball out of the backfield as well. If Charlie Weis decides to give Walker more of the load this season, he couuld very well wind up in New York come December.

Steve Slaton - RB - West Virginia

His 204 yards against Georgia in the Sugar Bowl in January don't lie. Slaton will be a sophomore, if he can avoid the Sophomore jinx he will be a serious contender to be a finalist. He will carry more of the load this season and could be amongst the leading rushers in the nation.

Marshawn Lynch - California

A stud of a back that will get more exposure than any other player in the Pac 10 this season. A near 1300 yard back last year, Lynch will get more carries this season and will near the 1500 yard mark. If the Bears perform as a team, Lynch has a real shot at being a finalist.

Michael Bush - Louisville

No relation to the winner of last years award, not even the same kind of runner. Michael is a grinder that will run people over. Playing at Louisville will really hurt him, unless of a miracle, don't expect to see Bush in New York.

Adrian Peterson - RB - Oklahoma

The running back with the best shot at winning has to be Peterson. He's the best back in the country when healthy and will carry the load for the Sooners offensively this season. If he stays healthy all year, hes a shoe in to be a finalist.


Chris Leak - Florida

Is it Leak's time yet? The answer to that is no. He is an excellent quarterback, but he's not running an offesne that fits him well. Also a brutal schedule will keep the Heisman ceremony Gatorless, as the BCS will be lacking any Gators as well.

Drew Tate - Iowa

Tate is one of the most enjoyable players in college football to watch play. That won't win him any votes though. Unless the Hawks are playing for a national title, dont expect to see Tate as a finalist.

Brian Brohm - Louisville

Probably has the second highest ceiling in the pro ranks out of any quarterback in college football today. An excellent drop back passer, but Brohm will be hurt as will his teammate Bush, for playing in Louisville.

Troy Smith - Ohio State

He losses Santonio Holmes at reciever and also losses his tight end for the year. Smith is able to scramble and probably the best of any quarterback in the nation at it. If Ohio State wins the Big Ten, Smith will be a big reason why. Expect to see him in New York.

Brady Quinn - Notre Dame

The obvious favorite coming into this season is the "Mighty Quinn". Five and a half as many touchdowns last season as touchdowns. Two great recievers and an excellent tight end to throw to. Playing at Notre Dame, a team that will most likely contend for another National Title this season. All these are the reasons that Brady will be striking the pose in early December.

My Prediction:


Quinn, Smith, Lynch, and Peterson.

4th - Lynch
3rd - Smith
2nd - Peterson
1st - Quinn

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