Thursday, August 31, 2006

Respect for Bob Stoops

You don't have to look longer ago than the mid 1980's to realize things have changed in Norman, Oklahoma. You may not immediately agree, seeing the Sooners were amongst the powers in college football during this time, much as they are today. Do look at how situations are handled on the campus of Oklahoma University these days.
Back in the 1980's Brian Bosworth found firing an assault riffle off a balcony while wearing just his underwear. Barry Switzer's repsonse to this was "Boys will be boys".
Some have contested that Bob Stoops dropped the ball by kicking Rhett Bomar off of the team for taking money that he did not earn during a summer job. How can you even argue that point? Maybe if it was a few bucks I could see an argument, but it wasn't anywhere near a few bucks. It was well over $10,000 and Bomar claimed he didn't know he recieved the money. How can you not know when you recieve that much money when you didn't earn it. I don't think its possible. If you ask me, I give all the credit in the world to Bob Stoops for cleaning things up at OK, even if it means losing his starting quarterback.

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