Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Say it ain't so...Mo

What is it with star running backs from midwest schools that win national championships in the Fiesta Bowl? Lawrence Phillips and then this guy...

Taking a break from the normal hobbies Maurice Clarret enjoys such as lying on police reports and holding bar-goers at gunpoint for their cell phones amongst other things, Mo decided to go have some fun and go get in a police chase. It was after he was finally pulled over and maced (they tried a stun gun but he was wearing a bulletproof vest so it was ineffective) that police found four loaded guns riding shotgun with him. My only question is...What kind of get together was he off to?

Later on in the morning I went and checked my campus mailbox. I found my monthly sports book but in it I found a line, which was odd in the first place, but even odder was what the bets were...


Police Shootout 2:1
Gang Shootout 9:2
Car Accident (police involved) 6:1
Suicide 9:1
Stabbed in Jail by fellow inmate 10:1
Stabbed in Jail by guard 12:1
Drug Overdose 12:1
Car Accident (no police involved) 15:1
Future Wife Murders him 25:1
zx Field (any other way) 30:1
Drowning 50:1
Natural Causes 2500:1

Still debating which one I'm putting my money on...

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