Sunday, November 19, 2006

BCS Update

Interesting that Michigan does not fall a spot in any of the polls. Do I agree with it? Not necessarily, and heres why.

Michigan is the second best team in the nation right now, but they have had their chance to beat #1 and were unable to do so. Since Michigan already had their chance, the winner of the SEC or USC deserve their shot at things. What makes Michigan more deserving of a national title berth than USC? Or Florida? Notice I did not say Notre Dame. I feel they are more deserving than the Irish because of the head to head outcome (if I didn't say this than I would no longer be able to complain about 1993). However Michigan had their chance at the Buckeyes. Until Florida, USC, and Arkansas all lose again I feel the Skunk bears should have to take their number and wait in line for a rematch.

Now to my weekly top 10...

1. Ohio State
2. USC
3. Florida
4. Michigan
5. Notre Dame
6. Arkansas
7. Louisville
8. LSU
9. West Virginia
10. Wisconsin

Ohio State showed me that they are deserving of the #1 ranking this weekend, I don't really expect any argument, unless you're a Boise State fan. I ranked the rest of the teams based on their deserving of the national championship berth.

USC right now has the best case I would have to believe. They have "impressive wins" over Cal and at Arkansas. Now they still have games against Notre Dame and at UCLA, two games I'm not so sure about for the Trojans, but if they run the table they should be #2.

Florida would have an impressive resume as well if they run the table. Winning the SEC Conference is a lot to say in itself, and then also having a big win over Western Carolina. I guess LSU could have been a better example there.

Michigan does not deserve to be in the national championship game any more than either of these two teams. They had their chance against Ohio State and came up just short. If Michigan fans want to complain about things if they don't get a rematch in the national title don't come crying to me. Instead bring it up with that defense your prided yourselves on all year, that defense that allowed over 500 yards of offense this weekend.

In other news Troy Smith basically wrapped up the Heisman Trophy this weekend. He proved himself to me this weekend and I will admit that he is more deserving of the trophy than Brady Quinn. Probably a good thing for Quinn's future, seeing nearly all Heisman winners have been busts in the pros in recent year. I am sure Brady won't be too upset with being the #1 or #2 pick in April's draft and a multi-million dollar signing bonus to go along with it. Not a bad consolation prize, Mr. Quinn.

We'll get to my predictions of how the BCS will turn out later on in the week.

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