Thursday, November 16, 2006

Who do I Want to Play?

There are really two teams I would love to see in a bowl game, but I don't really think either is going to happen. Florida and Michigan would be the two teams, but I'm not so sure that either will happen.

I want to play Michigan for the fact that they came into Notre Dame Stadium and flat out embarrassed the Irish. Are they the better team right now? You can't really argue that but we are better than we showed in that game and I would like to get some respect back for it. However we would have to be in the National Title game in order for this to occur.

The Gators are the other team that I would love to see in a bowl game. If Ohio State/Michigan is a very close game a rematch could take place in the national title. That would set the Gators up to be in the Sugar Bowl if they won the SEC Championship.

If there was anyone else that I would really like on this list it would be Texas. I have said they were overrated since day one of the football season and I would love to see Brady Quinn march the Irish offense all over their overhyped D. This is just about impossible seeing as long as Texas finishes the year Big XII champs, they'll be in the Fiesta Bowl most likely playing an unbeaten Boise State team, who they would likely murder.

Other than those three there really isn't a team I would really like to play. There would be some interesting match ups, say Arkansas for example. Mitch Mustain against the coach that didn't really have a spot for him. Ohio State, but there is really no chance of that seeing they will be in either Pasadena or the National Title.

Whatever the case, it looks like we're in good shape for the BCS, win or lose against SC. Until next time, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the planets align and we somehow get that spot in the title game against Michigan.

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