Sunday, November 12, 2006

Could it be?

We went into this weekend ranked #9 in the nation, with most teams having three games left in their seasons. A ridiculous amount of things would have to happen in order for the Irish to get a national championship berth, its not possible. I even laughed to myself whenever I would hear an announcer say that Notre Dame still has BCS Title hopes.

Well, I have to say after yesterday that the Irish hopes are not looking all that faint. If Notre Dame wins out (Army, @USC) and Florida loses one game (Western Carolina, FSU, SEC Championship) then Notre Dame will be #3 in most of the polls. Michigan and Ohio State battle next week and it will be hard for one of them to maintain their position in the polls coming off of a loss. It rarely happens and I somewhat have trouble believing that the BCS would put their championship in the hands of one conference.

Really seems like it could be a very sweet end to the season after it started off so poorly.

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