Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Last week everyone made a huge deal about the Louisville/West Virginia game. This week, Louisville may actually have a tougher task at hand though. They travel to Rutgers this Thursday night, in a game they must win in order to keep their national title hopes alive.

Louisville winning this game would mean more to me than their win last week against WV.

First off the Cardinals are coming off an emotional high. Very few teams are able to win huge games in back to back weeks. We saw it with Florida earlier in the year, defeating LSU at home one week, but then traveling to Auburn and falling seven days later.

Rutgers actually plays defense, allowing just over 9 points a game. As long as Rutgers doesn't let Louisville get off to a quick start, this game should go just about to the wire. Without falling behind early, it will enable the Scarlet Knights to give Ray Rice the ball and we saw last week how Louisville was at stopping the run.

With that said, can Rutgers really win? Are we really talking about Rutgers being a possible BCS/National Title contender? Good lord, this really does seem like something out of a dynasty in NCAA.

Remember that Rutgers didn't play last week, and has had nearly two weeks to get ready for this game. Did I just talk myself into picking the Scarlet Knights?

I'm afraid so. Louisville's national championship dreams end here...

Rutgers 23 Louisville 19

Solid back? Yes. Heisman? Don't push your luck, Jersey.

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