Monday, November 20, 2006

Daily Dose...

"This past Saturday night, USC faced the most talented offensive team it will face this year (yes, Notre Dame is not as talented as the Bears). "

That was taken from Don't believe me? Look for the article here yourself. I was unaware that Cal had such a great offense. I'll hand it to Marshawn Lynch, but let's face it, nobody in the Pac 10 plays defense. Just look how outstanding the Bears played in Rocky Top this season.

I really hope that the Trojans think they are just going to roll on Saturday Night. In case they didn't get the memo, Ty Willingham isn't coaching the Irish anymore. Instead he's at Washington, and he came within the last play of the game of beating the Men of Troy this season.

With a loss at Oregon State, and wins just sneaking by both Washington and Washington State, the Trojans are a damn beatable team. I'm tired of hearing how much better than the Irish the Trojans are. You watch ESPN and they're basically writing us off, not really giving us a chance in this ballgame. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

What does Pete Carroll have to say about it you ask?


TheSharkKiller said...

I would have to disagree, I would take Notre Dame's offense along with Brady Quinn over Grossman and the Bearn hit or miss offense any day of the week. Should be a dandy Saturday Night, I am going with a bold prediction of ND 35 USC 34.

TheSharkKiller said...

On a separate note, how about some insight about the newest addition to the North Side. I know your full focus is probably on the game Saturday Night, but I was just wondering your thoughts on the acquisition?

The Shark said...

Cubbie fans will be in heaven, as Soriano leads them to the promise land in '07!