Sunday, November 12, 2006

Top 10/Heisman

Well, I got bashed for saying that Louisville wasn't the third best team in the nation after beating West Virginia last week. I guess I'm the idiot, I apologize to you all. I also apologize for blowing smoke up all your asses about how Rutgers knock them off this week.

Anyway, a weekend full of upsets and realignment in my top 10. Without any further a dew...

1. Michigan
2. Ohio State
3. Notre Dame
4. USC
5. Arkansas
6. Florida
7. Rutgers
8. Louisville
9. Wisconsin
10. Wake Forest

Wow, talk about a shakeup. I have some explaining to do so here we go with that...

-Michigan over Ohio State, as I explained last week I feel Michigan has done more to deserve the ranking than tOSU has this season. Without preseason rankings, this is what all polls would show.

-Notre Dame #3? I know I have them jumping over Florida but my reason for that is Florida does not look like a real title contender right now. Major problems getting by South Carolina this week. Notre Dame struggled early in the year against lesser opponents and has gotten better, Florida has seemed to struggle more as the year has progressed.

-Arkansas comes sailing up the charts, up 3 spots from last week. Sure Tennessee was a beat up, but the Razorbacks are getting better as the year goes on. Had they not lost to USC in week 1, I would have them over the Trojans as well.

-Rutgers 7th. If they win out I will tell you that they deserve to be in the National Championship game. We'll discuss that if it happens now, they still have to travel to Morganstown to finish the regular season. For now they are just better than Louisville.

-Wisconsin. Wow. Wisconsin I thought could surprise some teams this year, based soley on their defense. I thought the Badgers made a smart move with the coaching change this year, but I didn't expect things to go quite this smooth. A Wisconsin team with their only loss being in the Big House deserves to be in the top 10.

-Wake Forest. Yes, I am aware that the ACC is down this year but you have to give credit where credit is due. Wake has come from nowhere and is within one play in the Clemson game of being unbeaten right now. I think they are a notch below most of the rest of the top 10, but still worthy of a top 10 ranking.

The Heisman Trophy can be won or lost this weekend as Ohio State hosts Michigan. If Troy Smith plays well and the Buckeyes win you can pretty much inscribe his name on the coveted award. However if he falters (which he very well might do), Brady Quinn will have a golden opportunity next week to showcase himself against USC.

I am bothered that Mike Hart is not being brought up at all for the award. has Colt McCoy and Colt Brennan rated above him in their Heisman poll this week, something I really don't understand. Maybe its because Hart is not as flashy as other backs, but in my opinion hes one of the four or five best offensive players in the college game today, as he has shown this entire season while rushing for 1300+ and 11 scores...and not fumbling once.

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