Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Enough Already...

Charlie is not going anywhere, I really wish people would understand this. Sure I know that the New York Giants position will be open since Tom Coughlin will be fired in roughly seven days, but read here.

"Everyone knows I'm staying here until they fire me or I die"

Why can't anyone go about trusting the word of Charlie? I really do not understand it. He has given his word over and over again. He is not going to the Giants, I am not in the least bit concerned that he would take an NFL job. Listen to what he says, the man will be here until fired or until he dies.

Now I know that some ND fans look at this site and have brought up the question to me in the past, "What has Charlie Weis really done at Notre Dame besides bring them back more on the national scene?"

With players he didn't recruit he has fielded two consecutive BCS teams. Say what you want about whether or not this team should be in a BCS bowl, 9-3 and 10-2 sure is a better position to be in at the end of January than the 6-5 and 5-6 regular season records of Tyrone Willingham his last two seasons.

I was guilty of saying this team was good enough to win the national title at the start of the season. Sure the offense was once again just about as good as any in the nation, but the defense just was unable to develop. I don't think you can blame Charlie Weis for Notre Dame being 10-2 this year, with blowout losses to Michigan and USC.

Charlie put the Irish in position to be in both of those ballgames early on and had the Irish made one or two plays in each of them, they are entirely different outcomes. Call me crazy, but its the truth. With really one group of highly touted recruits on this and last seasons squads (this years seniors), he has taken the Irish to back to back BCS games. Thats something that only USC and Ohio State can also say about the last two seasons.

Don't fret, he's staying put.

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