Sunday, December 03, 2006

USC/BCS Shakeup

Trojans Blow Title Shot

Watching USC lose today did not hurt me at all. Surprise, surprise. Seeing the Trojans miss out on the national championship game and also witnessing yet another idiot song-girl celebrate an opponents score made me smile from ear to ear. Now I am just growing old of USC fans making excuses.

For Pete's sake, if the grass is longer on the field, it not only slows your team down but it also slows your opposition down as well. Someone needs to break that to USC fans though, I have never heard a group of fans make more excuses for a loss, honestly.

With this loss the BCS just got that much more complicated. So does Michigan get a rematch in the national championship now or does Florida go to the title? I've been saying all along that Michigan had their chance at the championship already and missed out by losing at tOSU. Florida went the year losing just one game in the toughest conference from top to bottom.

I wasn't a real believer in Florida for a long time and even after tonight I'm still not. However I honestly feel that they deserve a shot to play for the national title. On paper I don't feel that match up well with tOSU, but thats why they play the games. Michigan already had their chance, let the SEC Champs play for the title.


Anonymous said...

Nothing has changed that Michigan should not be the #2 team in the country. They have earned the right to a rematch. It makes no sense for the two best teams in the land to have to play each other again but that's the BCS. Get rid of the BCS and go back to the Bowl set up of years gone by.

gwzimm said...

That's what it had to be...grass was too long in the Rose Bowl. Just had to be. I knew there was a reason.......laughed my fucking ass off!

Best scenario would be to scrap all the bowl affiliation tie ins and make good matchups based on the records of the top teams. Why should someone get a major bowl just because they won some bogus conference?