Saturday, December 09, 2006

Lesser Known Awards

This past week college football handed out all of their most prestigious awards, including the Maxwell and Heisman amongst others. Ballots have been counted over and over again and WTTO is ready to announce the winners of its 1st annual college football awards...

WTTO Award Winners

Eric Crouch Cup:

The Eric Crouch Cup is awarded each year to the worst throwing quarterback in division 1 college football. Really not a race at all this season as it was actually unanimously awarded to Reggie Ball of Georgia Tech. Ball couldn't complete a 5 yard stop to his tight ends and is also the entire reason Calvin Johnson appears to be so good...Because Ball is so bad. In a surprise, Ball actually received a sweep of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place on numerous different ballots.


This award goes annually to the worst coaching performance of the year, named for Gerry Faust, Bob Davie, and Tyrone Willingham. Multiple coaches recieved votes in this one but only one can win the award. In a very narrow margin, likely because the midwest split votes between Kirk Farentz and John L. Smith, Mack Brown of Texas became the first coach in history to win "Coach of the Year" one year and a "Faust-ie-Ham" the next.

Lance Harbor Trophy:

Named for star quarterback Lance Harbor who lost his scholarship to Florida State after injuring himself in Varsity Blues, the Lance Harbor Trophy is given on a yearly basis to the quarterback in Division 1 college football with the fakest sounding name. Very tough competition this year as both Tyler Palko and Colt McCoy gave it a run for their money, but Nate Longshore from Cal was announced as the winner. Many believe McCoy fell victim to being a freshman and automatically losing many votes based on that fact alone. As we see, Longshore snuck by in the slimest of margins...

And finally...

Gordie Lockbaum Award:

The Gordie Lockbaum Award goes to the Heisman Finalist each year that really has no chance to walk away with the award. Past winners include amongst others: Alex Smith, Tim Couch, Randy Moss, and a personal favorite of WTTO, Darnell Autry.
This years winner was a very tough choice. Everyone knew coming in that Troy Smith was going to walk out with the Heisman, so realistically we could have two winners. That's not the way awards work though, they never are split. Darren McFadden may have wound up in second place, but everyone knew going into tonight that he had less of a chance than Brady Quinn to actually walk out with the award. Therefore Darren McFadden wins the 2006 Gordie Lockbaum Award.

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