Monday, December 04, 2006

Sugar Bowl

So to the Sugar Bowl go the Irish where a battle is to be had with the LSU Tigers. LSU is a solid team that I really do not know a whole lot about. However I do know that they are beatable. They lost to Auburn 7-3 and lost to Florida 23-10. They do have a couple of impressive wins, those being at Tennessee (although not impressive to me, Sagarin has them #10 is his ratings) and their latest being at Arkansas.

So far the Irish have been called a big underdog in this one. I can understand the underdog label, especially seeing how we have performed in big games this year. However outputs of 3 and 7 by LSU make me believe that this offense is shaky at best. Furthermore, it took the Bayou Bengals overtime to get by Ole Miss on November 18th. I'm really in question about how good this team really is. Sure I put them #4 in my end of the season poll, but I'm almost thinking that might be a bit high. I'm not sold on the SEC being that much better than any conference, and the Tigers struggled mightily to get by in it this season.

I will start to break this game down in the days and weeks to come. Just a forwarning to anyone going down to the easy though, be ready to very quickly get sick and tired of this:

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