Sunday, December 03, 2006

Top 25/BCS Prediction

Since its the end of the regular season, a top 25 instead of just ten...

1. Ohio State
2. Florida
3. Michigan
4. LSU
5. USC
6. Louisville
7. Wisconsin
8. Oklahoma
9. Notre Dame
10. Arkansas
11. Boise State
12. Auburn
13. Virginia Tech
14. West Virginia
15. Rutgers
16. Wake Forest
17. Cal
18. Georgia Tech
19. Texas
20. Nebraska
21. Texas A&M
22. BYU
23. Boston College
24. Oregon State
25. TCU

The BCS Bowl Games are announced tomorrow. A lot of things can happen, as discussed earlier, will Florida jump Michigan? To any Notre Dame fans relief, the only other at-large teams eligible for a BCS Bowl are Virginia Tech and West Virginia, at least it should be that way by the way things are looking. So basically the Irish are in the BCS, get ready for the haters to complain about that one, even though when you break down the rules there is nothing wrong about this at all. Now lets talk about where everyone will be playing...

National Title:
Ohio State is already there, will Michigan join them or will it be Florida leapfrogging the Wolverines? Really hard to say. Whichever happens will effect the other bowl games in a big way. I just am not sure Urban did enough crying to get the Gators to pass Michigan.
Ohio State vs. Michigan

Rose Bowl:
With USC losing to UCLA, the Trojans title hopes went out the door. However they already did lock up the Pac 10 and will be in the Rose. With the Rose losing tOSU to the title, they will quickly pick up LSU, keeping from a rematch they would have if they selected Notre Dame.

Sugar Bowl:
This one will be tough. Florida could very easily still go to the title game. If they do not, they go to the Sugar since they were the SEC Champ. If they do go to Glendale then then the Sugar has two spots that go to whoever they want. Since it seems doubtful the pollsters will go Florida's way they will be here and likely play Notre Dame.
Florida vs. Notre Dame

Fiesta Bowl:
This one really seems like the easiest to predict. Oklahoma won the Big XII and gets the automatic berth here while being out west the Fiesta Bowl committee would likely be the best bet to snatch up Boise State.
Oklahoma vs. Boise State

Orange Bowl:
Wake Forest and Louisville both won their conferences and are BCS bound. ACC Champ automatically goes to the Orange (Wake) and there is no room anywhere else for Louisville to be.
Wake Forest vs. Louisville

Theres mine, yours any different?

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