Wednesday, September 20, 2006

1st Quarter Recap

So most teams have played 3 games so far and for the most part, most teams will end their pre conference seasons this weekend. After the first three weeks, heres a quick breakdown from me.

Ohio State and Auburn are the two best teams in college football currently. A few other teams have shown that they are very good as well, but I really feel that these two will be playing in the national championship. West Virginia, Michigan, Florida, USC, and Louisville have all looked tough as well.

Right now I will begin what will become a weekly happening on "What Thou the Odds," I will predict the BCS bowls each week. Not by just the top rated teams at the time, but by predicting how the season will finish and who will be slotted where.

Orange Bowl:
Notre Dame vs. Virginia Tech

Sugar Bowl:
Louisville vs. LSU

Rose Bowl:
Michigan vs. USC

Fiesta Bowl:
Texas vs. West Virginia

National Title:
Ohio State vs. Auburn

Suprises? Perhaps, but I do feel that Notre Dame will run the table the rest of the season. I also feel that Louisville will win the Big East, but West Virginia will escape the season with just one loss keeping them very much in the hunt for a BCS berth. I also feel that Louisville will run the table and be held out of the title game.

Heisman Watch:
Right now it is really tough to say about who will win the Heisman. Not all teams have played a tough opponent yet so many players stats have been padded. Here is how my top 4 ballot would go as of today if I had one.

4. Garrett Wolfe
3. Kenny Irons
2. Troy Smith
1. Steve Slaton

Week 4 previews will be coming shortly.

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