Saturday, September 02, 2006

Christmas Morning

It's 2 AM. Why am I not in bed? Ever since I have gotten older, I celebrate my Christmas in September each year instead of in December. That's right. The first Saturday of the season is upon us and it couldn't have come sooner. I have had the countdown going since last January and it seemed like this day would never come, but it has and its finally here, so this is my schedule for Saturday...

4-8 AM - Work at Radio Station
Yes, I know. Sounds brutal and it is. I will most likely spend the time reading other blogs from different fans. Who the hell listens to the radio at 4 AM on a Saturday morning anyway?

8-8:45 AM - Denny's GrandSlam breakfast.
Speaks for itself.

9-11 AM: College Gameday on ESPN
That's right folks, its 2 hours long this year. A good way to start off your Saturday, especially if you're up for this.

11 AM: Various Games
Michigan hosting Vanderbilt is the showcase of the 11 AM games today. Without Jay Cutler this one is ugly and leaves me waiting anxiously for...

2:30 PM: Northern Illinois at Ohio State (ABC)
I have a friend going to this game in Huskie gear. I too will be cheering on NIU soley for the fact of my dislike for the classless Sweatervest Buckeyes. Garrett Wolfe is going to be a suprise for the inexperienced Buckeye defense...The suprise being its still a game at halftime.

4:30 PM: California at Tennessee (ESPN)
Right about when the Buckeyes lead gets too imbarable to watch is when I'll flip to ESPN and watch Cal and Tennessee. This might be the most exciting matchup of week one between the two most evenly matched teams. If it wasn't for the Irish, this would be my game of the week.

6:30 PM: Put on Darius jersey and open first Guiness of the evening.

7:00 PM: Notre Dame at Georgia Tech (shhh, but here's the opener if you would like a preview)
Self explanitory. Charlie will lead the Notre Dame convoy into Atlanta later this evening and when he leaves, the city will look just as it did exactly 142 years ago on this date.

10:28 PM: Talk with friends at NDNation about how bad the team looked, even if they do win running away.

10:32 PM: Finish off the day by watching Arizona and Brigham Young duel it out. Philosiphy about how sad it is to think just two years ago that same BYU team managed to beat the now #2 ranked team in nation.

11:14 PM: Start counting down the days until I visit the Holy Grail of college football in a week to see the Irish take down the JoePa's.

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