Monday, September 25, 2006

Low and Behold?!?!

The State College of New Jersey is ranked in the top 25 in football this week for the first time since 1976. That's right, the 4-0 Scarlet Knights of The State College of New Jersey (I refuse to acknowledge the official name of this school because it was until I was a sophomore or so in high school that I realized it was a state school, not a near ivy league institution).

Congragulations New Jersey, live it up. Go beat up on North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, and Howard. With Navy, Pitt, Louisville, and West Virginia still left on the schedule the Scarlet Knights will be lucky to escape the regular season with less than three losses. Enjoy it Jers, Greg Schiano will be out of your state like Chris Simms' spleen as soon as he gets an offer.

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