Tuesday, September 05, 2006

College Gameday

College Gameday has become a part of our lives on Saturdays. It's obvious seeing the show has been extended to a two hour program this year. When I was little I thought the single coolest thing on earth was when Lee Corso would put the mascot head of the team he thought would win on his head.

Gameday seems to bring out the best in the most dedicated of fans. Whether it be in a sign calling the other teams All-American quarterback a terrorist, or by just calling the opposing coach overweight. I was able to attend Gameday last season as Notre Dame hosted USC in one of the most exciting games of all time. Seeing Corso pick the away team that day made Irish fans in attendace go bizerk. It was obvious why they have a net behind the set that day.

I thought as mad as most fans there were at Corso that day, they realized its just a game and the man is doing his job. The same however can not be said for one Georgia Tech fan...

"What the hell are they booing for?"

The man sounds like his life ended when he Corso said he was going with the Irish. Then the personal vandeta he holds against Lee is simply stunning.

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