Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Drinky Drunks

I know I try and keep this pretaining to only college football but opportunities like this very rarely come around. This past Saturday, instead of sitting around the house watching college football, Chicago Bears quarterbacks Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton decided to head out to the Kenny Chesney concert just outside of Chicago. Both appeared to be in rare form...Well, not so rare for Orton, anyway.

Orton was supposidely quoted as yelling out, "If the Bears are playing tomorrow I'm sure as hell going to Vegas and betting against them!" Rex Grossman was seen throwing imaginary passes to crowd members. Rex and Kyle both also seemed amazed when they realized that the crowd members had less combined drops than Muhsin Muhammad last season.

I'm kind of suprised that these men were at a Kenny Chesney concert. Grossman grew up in Bloomington, Indiana so I would imagine he heard more than his fair share of country music growing up.

Orton on the other hand looks like he could go to an NHRA event and fit right in with everyone there. The jury is still out on what the hell he is doing in this picture. Some kind of Redneck Mating Call? A rain dance?

Thank you Laura Castle for the investigative reporting.



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