Sunday, September 17, 2006

Notre Dame/Michigan Breakdown


Michigan handed the Irish the worst beating I have seen since...well, see above photo.


Play calling seemed to be okay to me. Kind of makes me wonder why ND didn't try running a hurry up offense a little sooner though. Last year they marched downfield on Michigan on the first drive of the game, going no huddle and 4 or 5 wide each down. I thought after it worked on the final possesion of the first half, we should have come out with it first drive of the 3rd quarter.

The play of the offense was herrendous. Not a word describes it any better, if it wasn't one thing it was another. Starting with the quarterback, Brady Quinn was flat off today. He had several open recievers that he just missed. Offensive line was hit or miss all day, Brady either had all day to throw or no time. It seemed like there was no in-between. I didnt think the running game was miserable. Did Mike Hart outrun DWalk? Yes. I thought that the running for the most part was the brightest spot for Notre Dame this weekend on offense.

Defensive Breakdown:

Do Notre Dame cornerbacks know how to jam a reciever? Does the Notre Dame coaching staff ever consider jamming a reciever? I thought that was a major reason in why we got killed in the airways. No corner that was in would get a jam the entire afternoon. At this point I don't care if the underclassmen aren't as good as Wooden, Richardson, and Lambert, there is no possible way that they could do any worse of a job. For Christ sake, we made Mario Manningham look like Jerry Rice.

Defensive line couldn't get a consistent pass rush today and were blown off the ball for the most part against the run. Linebackers also didn't exactly do a stellar job of slowing down Hart either.

I don't know. What else is there to say? National title hopes are gone, Brady's Heisman is going to be sitting next to Ron Powulus'. As bad as the game was, it really came down to three plays. Three that we just shot ourselves in the foot on...

1) Brady's interception return for a touchdown, 1st drive of the game.

If Carlson brings this pass in its a first down and we're moving. Instead, its 7 points the other way, game changes big time.

2) Brady's incomplete pass to Walker, first quarter

On a third down Walker was wide open on a swing pass. If Brady gets him the ball on that play its a first down and we're in position to put more points on the board. Instead we have to punt the ball away.

3) Fumble on kickoff return.

Give Michigan the ball in great field position while already trailing. Kind of explains itself, defense was unable to make the stop.

Don't get me wrong, Michigan out played Notre Dame and deserved to win without a doubt. However if the Irish would have made any of these three plays, it would have been an entirely different game.

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