Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mistake on my Part

I'm getting tired of hearing that the blow to Brady's head wasn't helmet-to-helmet contact. The Rock Report does a pretty solid job of showing that it was obviously the right call. People will make any excuse to how they got screwed out of a win when the only reason is because Notre Dame made the plays last night that needed to be made in order to win the ballgame.
I'm also sick of hearing how Notre Dame is obviously overrated after last nights performance. A shaky start against a good defense that did new things. That's all that was, its no time for panic in Domerland.

I am mad at myself after this weekend though. I posted on my own blog that the Vols would win over California on Saturday (in which I was right) but on my yahoo pick'em I accidently marked Cal. So instead of having a perfect week, my total score was only 230/231.

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