Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lorenzo "I've never paid for my own college text" Booker

Does anyone remember signing day in February of 2002 when Lorenzo Booker stood up new Irish coach Tyrone Willingham and Irish eyes were furious?

Looking back that may be one of the best things to happened for Notre Dame in recent years, especially when you add this little guy into the equation...

Lets take a look at the career totals...

These two backs came into college with different expectations. Lorenzo Booker came in as the #1 recruit in all of america, while Walker was only rated as a 3-Star Back.

A quick look at their career college stats tell a different story...

Lorenzo Booker:
'03: 62 car/334 (5.4 avg) 3 tds, 19 rec/86 (4.5 avg), 0 td
'04: 173 car/887 (5.1 avg) 4 tds, 24 rec/160 (6.7 avg), 0 td
'05: 119 car/552 (4.6 avg) 4 tds, 38 rec/329 (8.7 avg), 2 td
This weekend: 6 car/-3 yds (-0.5 avg) 0 td, 3 rec/47 (15.6 avg) 0 td

Darius Walker:
'04: 185 car/ 786 (4.2 avg) 7 td, 10 rec/74 (7.4 avg) 0 td
'05: 253 car/1193 (4.7 avg) 9 td, 43 rec/351 (8.2 avg), 2 td
This weekend: 22 car/ 99 (4.5 avg) 1 td, 4 rec/18 (4.5 avg) 0 td

Maybe one of the two doesn't come in with nearly as much hype as the other, but one has produced and not been a disappointment. Lorenzo Booker may have all the talent in the world, but he just doesn't have a heart one-third the size of Walkers'.

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