Sunday, September 10, 2006


I am getting sick of the NFL. Its turned into a game where we are more concerned with what kind of touchdown dance is going to be used instead of the actual game. The NFL on Fox only added to my dislike for it this morning with their new pregame show. Talk about a complete spin-off of College Gameday, just done very poorly. Joe Buck is way too serious and doesn't have the word "fun" in his vocabulary. Terry Bradshaw is an idiot, he thinks everything he says or does is hilarious when its obvious that he is just trying to hard. He makes Lee Corso seem like a genious, I wish I was kidding. And finally Howie Long needs to learn how to speak. Comparing Kirk Herbstriet to him would be an insult.

The thing I really hated more than anything about the pregame show this morning was the fans. Heres a memo for Fox Sports, NFL fans aren't the best fans in the world. You talk about how dedicated NFL fans are in each of their respective cities. NFL fans aren't 1/10th as passionate as fans of the college game. You see creatvie signs and fans going bizerk at College Gameday each week while this morning it was like watching Laura Quinn and AJ Hawk have sex...Painful on the eyes.

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