Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Miami/Florida State

So out of the three games I predicted last week, I got Miami hosting Florida State wrong. At halftime I really felt I was going to be correct about this one, but at least I said it would be a great defensive matchup.

The final stats showed that the two teams combined for a total of 3 rushing yards. Not one team, combined. You read that correctly. Good to see that this was the highest viewed college football game in the history of ESPN.

However to put the five total rushing yards in prospective, I decided to compare it to the following:

1 yd: total FSU yards rushing
distance from my desk to door

2 yds:
Miami (FL) tot
al yards rushing
Distance from desk to 'Fridge

4 yds: 1 yd more than combined total between FSU and Miami (Fl) -or- Distance from my desk to the sack.

and finally....

13 yds:

10 more yards than those combined of FSU and 'Da U on the ground
Distance from my door to the john

and 18 yds:

6 times as many combined rushing yards
Distance to continue my ongoing NCAA '07 rivalry with a floormate.

Not gonna lie, I feel like I could walk on to either club and be playing over Antone Smith or Charlie Smith.

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