Sunday, September 10, 2006

Notre Dame/Penn State breakdown

I tried telling people not to be nervous after last week. Tried telling them that the Irish aren't overhyped, instead many people thought Notre Dame was overrated. A lot of things looked good today. My god, we beat Penn State 41-17, we were up 41-3 when our starting defense left the game. Take a moment for those numbers to sink in.

Okay. We did that to the Nittany Lions but by no means were we perfect today.

I guess I can't expect Brady to go 32/32 with 375 yards and 4 touchdowns each week, but he had a few throws today that were way off of the mark. If he has a little better touch on a couple of balls early in the half the game is over even sooner. Brady did an excellent job of distributing the ball today. He found Samardzija, McKnight, Carlson, and Darius all afternoon with multiple completions to each of them.

Offensive line played excellent today. Pass blocking except really on one drive looked good and we ran the ball a lot better than I expected us to against an excellent rush defense. Walker did well, I thought when he converted the fourth down late in the second quarter is when we won the game.

Defensively the team looked excellent. The Lions were able to move the ball on the ground a little too well, somewhat concerns me with Michigan coming in next weekend. Pass defense looked good however and Zibby seems like he just keeps hitting harder. Second string didn't look faboulous, either. I guess its a good sign when this is one of my biggest issues after the game.

Also remember the name Darrin Walls. He will be excellent.

National week two review coming shortly...

What possibly could have been said in this post game coveration. Grant it whatever JoePa did say, I'm willing to be that Charlie didn't understand a single word he said (watch with ESPNMotion).

"Pat, it's 41-3!!"

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