Thursday, October 26, 2006


That's exactly what happened last week in Neyland Stadium. I have a new found respect for UT after reading the following on

Smokey IX, Tennessee's bluetick coonhound mascot, has been accused of biting an Alabama player before last week's game at Neyland Stadium.

Crimson Tide receiver Mike McCoy fell on the 3-year-old dog during pregame warmups after jumping out of bounds for a pass near where Smokey was standing with the cheerleaders.

What the dog did next is up for some debate. Alabama coach Mike Shula says Smokey bit the player. Smokey's owner says he didn't. As for Smokey, he only howls.

My question immediately is, why can't more mascots be like that? I don't want this loveable icon that kids can associate with my school. I would much rather have something that intimidates my opponent.

Is there something wrong about that? I truly don't think that there is. Make my place intimidating to hell to come play at, beginning with my mascot.

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