Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Trying to be "That Guy"

One of my strange hobbies is going to thrift stores. Maybe not A+F or AE, but dammit I love these places. My favorite part of the last one I was at was some of the jerseys I was able to find...

#77 Brad Culpepper Tampa Bucs Jersey

A ten year vet of the NFL who had stints in with the Bucs and Bears. Also an alum of Florida. Always remember to associate Culpepper with that awful offensive line of the Bucs back in the Dungy Days when the offense was unable to do a damn thing.

-Did not purchase, not a Bucs fan otherwise maybe this would have been one that would have interested me a bit more.

#39 Curtis Enis Chicago Bears Jersey

Oh Curtis. You were supposed to an answer to all the Bears problems at running back. You were going to make us Bears fans forget about the mistake that was Rashaan Salaam. Well done Curtis. I think its safe to say that you're more famous now for changing your number from 39 to 44 than for any accomplishment with the Bears that you had.

-I failed to purchase this one for the simple reason that the numbers were just too faded in order to cough up the three dollars it would have cost me. Had the jersey been in a little better shape then it would have been all mine.

#4 Shawn Kemp Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey

Why did you have to be a youth size 10-12? Dammit. This was a once in a lifetime find. When do you ever find the jersey of the man who likely fathered the most children in NBA history. Then its not even from the team he was prominent all through the 90's on, a reason that the jersey was even a better find.

I only wound up purchasing one jersey this past Saturday. It came from a college football player that was a stud when I was in fourth and fifth grade. Yes, he may be guilty of upsetting the Irish in week one of the 1994 season, but I have let that go. God dammit, this guy has gone on to win multiple academy awards since then.
Yup, I'm talking about Darnell Autry. The Heisman finalist from Northwestern. I know, that doesn't really roll off of the tounge too terribly easy, of course "Big Ten Rose Bowl Representitive Wildcats" doesn't exactly flow nicely. Whatever the case I was damn proud of my find. Bitter jealousness ate me up when one of my friends had this as a kid and I did not. Good news, for my next Jersey and Sneaker Night, I already have my wardrobe picked out...

That and I also can go to a Chicago sporting event now and be one of "those guys" you always see wearing a jersey from about 10+ years ago that makes your eyes water at first sight.

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