Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Kirk Herbstreit

I may hate Ohio State. Yes, ESPN is the only real 24 hour sports station on TV, but I have my moments that I really dislike them too. If you were to mix the two though, somehow something remarkable comes of it...

The man who could have been the illegitimate father of half the state of Ohio residents between the ages of 13-17 now if he had so desired. Never have I agreed with a man about college football more. He's honest and to the point and not a "homer" like so many others in the business. Never have I agreed with someone more then when this happened on Thursday Night Football last week (thanks, Deadspin).

Why do you dance when on the road and down by 17? I agree with you entirely Kirk, I don't care if the game is supposed to be fun. You don't owe anyone an apology for your outburst, you at least have a pair of testicles unlike your partner from Colorado.

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Anonymous said...

No Dude. No way. ESPN is an evil institution that lures the weak-hearted into submission. Any institution that employs Michael Irving (even before his most recent arrest with the crack pipe) is one that I refuse to patronize. Besides, do you really like to listen to all that mindless blather on GameDay? I'll agree with you, Kirk Herbstreit is the only one that comes close to talking any sense, but when you add in the bullsh*t routines of Lee Corso, Mark May et al, plus the commercials, it just becomes a big waste of time.