Monday, October 30, 2006

John Carlson

Before this year a lot of people looked at Notre Dame's offense and thought a lot about, with good reason. However, if one question was brought up, it involved what kind of production the Irish would get at the tight end position with Anthony Fasano leaving early for the NFL Draft.

I didn't feel it was the smartest of moves by Fasano, but he has done alright in Dallas for a rookie playing behind Jason Witten, one of the best tight ends in the NFL. John Carlson really did not have any hype coming into the year, with much reason. Before this season he had career numbers of only 13 receptions for a grand total of 87 yards and one touchdown.

Its safe to say he has been a pleasant surprise this year, as he has as good of numbers as just about any tight end in college football. Also, remember he has more receiving yards than a certain Samardzija fellow so far through the season.

I know he doesn't seem to be that flashy at the position, but numbers indicate that he's as good as any in college football this season. Could it be possible to see him as a finalist/winner of the John Mackey award? Also let me know what you think of his potential draft status. With every other team seeming to draft a tight end on the first day last season, there really isn't as much of a need for tight ends this coming spring. However, there also isn't going to be a lot at the position to choose from, so would Carlson likely go on day 1?

That's all in the future, for now I am just pleased with the way John has gone out and played. He's caught key passes all season; without him against Michigan State, the game is a loss for sure. Here's to a guy on the offense that won't get as much press as the others, but definitely deserves to.

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