Monday, October 02, 2006

Quick Purdue Recap

The Irish are still yet to play four quarters in a football game this season but not a lot of complaints are going to be heard from Saturday's 35-21 victory over Purdue...complaints offensively anyway. The defense looked herrendous to say the least. Lymon and Painter honestly looked like Montana and Rice. 238 yards by one reciever has to be some kind of joke. What happened to the defense that played the first two weeks this season?

Trying to stay positive we will discuss Darius Walker. I thought at the start of the season that D-Walk would have a standout year. So far he has proven me wrong but Saturday was a step in the right direction. He basically carried the offense on his back the first possession of the game, setting up the score by West. Walker went on to rush for 146 yards while snagging 9 passes for 73 more. My game ball obviously goes to Darius.

I was hard on Rhema McKnight after the Michigan game. I thought there were multiple times he messed up that day, but he has really turned the corner the last two weeks. He had two key scores in the comeback victory at Michigan State while he added a pair of scores Saturday. If teams continue to load up on the Shark, having to throw to McKnight is looking like it won't be such a bad thing.

Now its on to Stanford, a team that seems to be in shambles. A team that can't afford to be overlooked, remember they came up and just about bit us in the ass out there last season. Expect a big day from the recieving gang of the Irish, full preview coming shortly.

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