Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Coach Weis

"Everyone knows I'm staying here until they fire me or I die. I'm here for life."
-- Charlie Weis

Interesting quote, Coach. Does this mean you don't plan to retire? It will be neat to see how this plays out in the future. With Weis being 50 that would mean 29 years until he reaches JoePa's age. This past offseason Kirk Herbstreit made the comment that Notre Dame had what will turn out to be its worst season under Weis' tenure. So potentially losing a BCS game is the worst we will do in 29 years at least...I might be exaggerating things just a little bit but that wouldn't be too bad.

However a friend of mine did leave me a letter. I guess someone didn't get the memo about the newest manlaw:

"Thou shall not call the the oppositions head coach fat or their starting quaterback gay. Both are unoriginal and make you sound and look like an idiot."

Hilarious. No, really it is.

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