Thursday, October 26, 2006


Clemson was a team that I was talking about in the last poll, when I was complaining (justifiably so I might add) about Notre Dame falling in the rankings. A few people have brought up the fact that Clemson had an easier team defeating Georgia Tech than the Irish did. I tried telling them that this doesn't necessairly mean that Clemson is better than Notre Dame. Did they listen?

I doubt it.
Virginia Tech did the Hokie Pokie all night tonight, running Clemson right out of Blacksburg. Now I'm aware that James Davis did not play, but the Tigers just aren't that good. The ACC is down this year, way down. Noone in there deserves to be in the top 10.

I guess it's too late to come up with a poll for last week from 1-25, so let's just go with a quick top 10 here.

Nothing changes at the top, 1-3 are pretty solidified, until one is beaten, this won't most likely change...
1. Ohio State
2. Michigan
3. USC

The next set is the ND/SEC region of my top 10...
4. Auburn
5. Florida
6. Notre Dame
7. Tennessee
I feel that Auburn is still the best out of these teams, their beating of Florida giving them the nod just ahead of the Gators. Notre Dame ahead of Tennessee? The Vols looked shaky against Alabama (as ND did against UCLA) but also with a tough road ahead, expect another loss or two for Rocky Top.

Rounding out the top 10...
8. Cal
9. Louisville
10. Arkansas
Cal took abuse for a tough loss week one at Tennessee, since then they have been lights out. Just make sure to look out for them and Marshawn Lynch in golf carts...

Louisville has struggled a lot lately and I am becoming less and less impressed with them each week. Arkansas is just kind of there, but you can't argue what they have done. Sure a lopsided defeat to USC to start off the year, but a win over Auburn makes them worthy of a top 10 spot in my book. Tough road ahead for them as LSU and Tennessee still sit waiting.

Why no Texas in the top 10? They are one fumble away from having a second loss. I was not that impressed with Nebraska, and entirely disagree when I'm told they are back as a power in college football. You're time will come Huskers, but right now you're still a notch down. And so is Texas.

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