Monday, October 09, 2006

Week 6 Recap

A week six recap. This past week, believe it or not, there were sporting events played that didn't involove the Yankees losing and that also didn't involve teams from the SEC.

Two teams stood out to me this week more than any other two, call me crazy but the Florida Gators are not one of these teams. I thought that LSU kind of lost the game at The Swamp more than Florida so much won it.

I instead was impressed with two teams that played each other in week one, Cal and Tennessee. Tennessee is within one play of being unbeaten right now, with that loss coming to Florida. The Vols fell behind early but were able to come back and just romp on the Dawgs. Erik Ainge is really turning into a solid quarterback and the Tennessee offense is beginning to look explosive. The defense kind of had an off week if you look at the points Georgia was able to put up. However two of these scores came on special teams while one score was set up on a turnover in Tennesse's territory. Take away 17 of Georgia's 33 that they put up and thats only a 16 point output. Not that bad of a job by the Vols D.

Cal is the other team I was very impressed with this weekend. The way Oregon was playing coming into this one I really thought that the Ducks had a legit shot to win the game. I didn't see them getting blown away like they did. After getting blown out by the Vols in week one teams kind of forgot about Cal. This team is dangerous and is going to give USC all they can handle when the matchup comes around. ..

I was also disappointed by Oregon, who for the first time in school history did not have the ugliest uniforms on the field during a game.

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