Tuesday, October 10, 2006


You guys have been giving me a hard time in that you feel I think that every school outside of South Bend, Indiana is classless. There are plenty of schools besides Notre Dame that I have respect for, it just happens to be that so far on Notre Dame schedule this year, we are yet to come across any of those teams.

Army-The biggest scandal this school has ever faced was when players were caught cheating on a test...Oh yeah, they were thrown out of school. Nothing but the upmost respect for the Black Knights

Navy-I honestly can't think of any drama that the Naval Academy has drawn besides how they do not tolerate homosexuals. Little known fact, during World War II the Naval Academy actually kept the University of Notre Dame open by sending many midshipmen to school in South Bend.

Air Force - Anyone see a theme yet? The biggest thing that Air Force has ever done is when their coach made a statement about about how race affects the speed of an athlete. Outside of that I have all respect for them as well.

Indiana - The only problem with the Hoosiers is that they had Lee Corso as a coach in the 1980's. My favorite story of him of course being when he was leading Woody Hayes 7-0 in the first quarter one year and he called a time out to take a picture of his team huddled in front of the scoreboard that read "Indiana 7 Ohio State 0". I'm fairly sure that the final score ended up being somewhere in the 40's-7 in favor of tOSU.

Northwestern - The Wildcats don't have the richest of traditions in college football but they run a good, clean program...Outside of the Gary Barnett days.

Tennessee - Phil Fulmer and the Vols have been a stand up program since Fulmer arrived on the scene. You never hear about Tennessee in recruiting violations or anything like that.

Okay, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, Iowa, and whole heck of a lot more are on the list. Maybe I'll make a 1-119 rankings one day of teams I like to teams I can not stomach in order.

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gwzimm said...

Not only did the US Navy send their cadets to ND during WWII, they actually wanted to BUY the school at the close of the war.