Sunday, October 29, 2006

Texas and Others...

Now why when Texas has to rally late in a game to win against an unranked team (that lost to Colorado, mind you) do they move up in the rankings, but when Notre Dame does it, they fall a few spots? I am aware that USC lost so that is reason for the Horns to move past the Men of Troy. However, this is two weeks in a row that Texas has struggled to get by. Don't tell me that Nebraska is that great of a team either, look what they did this weekend against Oklahoma State.

Now what do I think will happen with Texas the rest of the way? A very favorable schedule as Texas A&M is the only ranked opponent they will face until the Big XII Championship game. Perhaps they will face Nebraska again, but even if they do Texas will still win the Big XII, granting them a berth to the BCS.

Winning the Big XII would seal the deal for Texas to go to the Fiesta Bowl, as that is where the Big XII Champion will go. Who will they face? It will be an at-large qualifier to the BCS. With the Fiesta Bowl having the last pick in At Large teams this season, that will most likely be Boise State.

The Broncos should finish up the season unbeaten, as Nevada is their toughest opponent still to play. Boise State is an alright team, don't get me wrong. They however are not among the college football elite. As overrated as Texas is, the Horns should still blow Boise State out of the water, making the Longhorns appear a helluva lot better than they really are.

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