Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The Bruins come a calling this Saturday in their first trip to South Bend since I've been alive. UCLA is just the kind of team that Charlie Weis has loved to matchup against during his tenure at Notre Dame. They have an average offense, nothing striking really about them. Instead their defense is what will be the difference maker. Not because of how it is great, but because it is much like ours when it comes to preventing the big play.

Last week Oregon was able to simply march down the field against the Bruins. Does this mean I think Darius Walker will be the key to the Irish win on Saturday? Not neccisairly. Maybe expect him to be a key, but not the key this weekend. I would expect offensively that the Irish will have near a 550 yard day while lighting up the scoreboard for somewhere in the 40's.

Charlie Weis has had two weeks to prep for this game, something that apparantely comes with hosting a team from Los Angeles. Expect the Irish offense to strike early and often in this one and the game to play out much like the battle against Penn State did.

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