Thursday, October 19, 2006

Top 25

So I forgot to do my Top 25 this week, real smooth, I know. Anyway, here we go with this weeks which really should have been up on Monday at the latest. Before you go on and look, let me remind you that I will never punish a team for losing to a formidable foe. Now barely sneaking by a joke opponent, thats reason for a loss in the polls.

1. Ohio State
2. Michigan
3. USC
4. Auburn
5. Florida
6. Notre Dame
7. Tennessee
8. Louisville
9. Cal
10. Clemson
11. Georgia Tech
12. Texas
13. LSU
14. Arkansas
15. West Virginia
16. Oregon
17. Wisconsin
18. Boise State
19. Nebraska
20. The State College of New Jersey
21. Boston College
22. Oklahoma
23. Texas A&M
24. Missouri
25. Pittsburgh

Quite a difference from last week, I know. One might immediately notice how far West Virginia fell, and that is because I actually saw them play an entire game for the first time all season today. It's a good thing that they play all Big East opponents because a team with any talent whatsoever on defense would shut the Mount-me-men down entirely. Honestly, spy White so he can't get out of the pocket and run blitz the hell out of them to slow down Slaton. Pat White will lose any game he is forced to throw the ball in, trust me. Inside of me I really want to see West Virginia lose a game that they should probably win, but another part of me wants to see them match up against an actual defense like that of Michigan or Ohio State. 14 points might be a stretch to what they put on the scoreboard. The same goes for Louisville. They could barely sneak by Cincinnati, if they make it to a BCS bowl, also a team whos offense will be shut down entirely.

Also I gave some love to the SEC this week, although the three teams from there in my top 10 all have one loss. As I said last week, Auburn would, and did beat Florida. Theres not a doubt in my mind the better team won that game. Right now I feel that Tennessee is playing the best football in that conference, but with a loss at the hand of the Gators its impossible to rank them ahead of Florida or Auburn.

The rest stayed quite a bit the same. Also, I apologize to the State University of New Jersey. I doubted them and they went out and destroyed the Naval Academy. Maybe they are actually a little better than I gave them credit for. Live it up Scarlet Knights fans (if your kind actually do exsist), Greg Schiano will be in Coral Gables next year.

And finally, I am really hopping on one teams bandwagon as the year has gone on. I thought that the Wisconsin Badgers defense was going to be solid this season, but I really felt that their lack of offense would hurt them. John Stucco and PJ Hill have really stepped up, making the Badgers a shoe in for a New Years Day bowl this year with the favorable remaining schedule they have this year. Is it possible for a conference to have 3 BCS representitives? We may find out.

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