Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Margain of victory is an absolute joke. Are you telling me that looking at the difference in scores between common foes means which team is better than the other? I really hope you said no.

Just a quick example here. Michigan beat Notre Dame 47-21 way back in September. Notre Dame beat Penn State the week before that, 41-17. Michigan just beat Penn State 17-10 a few weeks ago. Because Michigan doesn't have a loss but the Irish do, that means that Michigan keeps their rank ahead of the Irish and deservedly so. According to so manys theories that the margain of victory shows who a better team is, you people are idiots. Look no further than the 2002 Ohio State Buckeyes. Rarely a game didn't come down to the final few minutes and they wound up being national champs.

I'm trying to figure how Notre Dame continues to drop in the polls myself. Tennessee plays the exact same kind of game against Alabama that the Irish play against UCLA, but the Vols jump over ND. Also Florida has the week off and jumps the Irish. Kind of hard for a team that doesn't have a game to impress me more one week than one that goes out and wins a tough game.

And to those that think Notre Dame is making all their opponents look great. I couldn't disagree more. UCLA is a solid defense, and with most of these games coming against the Pac-10 where offense is all that seems to be game-planned for, its more impressive of a defense for me.

Go on, hate the Irish, but they will be in the BCS for the second year in a row this season. Can't wait to hear you all complain when that happens.

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