Monday, October 09, 2006

Florida Gators

Go Ahead. Do It. Pencil in the Florida Gators for a national championship berth. By watching ESPN this week its what everyone is ready to do. Do the Gators make up an excellent football team? Yes.

However I was not that impressed with what I saw this weekend from them. LSU didn't show up to play and it showed. If Jamarcus Russell doesn't fumble the ball on the goaline, the Bayou Bengals go up a touchdown and the game is entirely different. However that is not what happened and momentum went in the favor of the Gators in a big, big way.

Looking at Florida's remaining schedule, two or three losses by the end of the regular season is not an exaggeration. Urban Meyer's boys travel to Auburn this weekend, a place where Arkansas just owned the Tigers on Saturday. Does that make Auburn bad though, I do not think so. They fell victim to overlooking Arkansas, looking ahead to the showdown with Florida.

Now I do not feel that Florida will lose three games in the regular season but they won't go unbeaten either. Chalk a loss up this weekend for them in the Jungle. I'm still not quite buying them as a national title team.

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