Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Top 25

Not that it really matters, I've decided to start my own top 25, feel free to let me hear about it.

1. Ohio State
2. Michigan
3. Florida
4. USC
5. Louisville
6. West Virginia
7. Tennessee
8. Notre Dame
9. California
10. Auburn
11. Clemson
12. Texas
13. Georgia Tech
14. LSU
15. Iowa
16. Oregon
17. Georgia
18. Boise State
19. Missouri
20. Arkansas
21. Oklahoma
22. Nebraska
23. Va Tech
24. Navy
25. Wisconsin

Yes, I truly do feel that the two best teams in college football happen to be from the Big Ten. Why not Florida you ask? I still am not entirely sold on the Gators. Both Ohio State and Michigan have gone on the road and absolutley beat the hell out of a good team. Florida really should have lost to Tennessee and LSU lost the game more than Florida won it this past weekend.

Other questions in my poll would possibly be West Virginia being ranked behind Louisville. With Brian Brohm set to comeback I feel that the Cardinals are a little bit stronger than the Moutainmen. We will all see on November 2nd in what promises to be a good one.

Other than that the only two other things I can see people gripping about in my poll is the fact that Texas is #12 and that Navy is included in it. Let me explain my thinking. Texas was a bit overhyped coming into this season, that is the only reason they remain in the top 10 in the current AP and Coaches Polls.

Navy is the other team that I can already hear people saying is not worthy of a top 25 bid. Hold your horses now. The Midshipmen are 5-1 and their only loss is coming to Tulsa by one point. They host Rutgers this week and expect the dream season of the Scarlet Knights to hit a bump because Navy is on their way to yet another bowl game.

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gwzimm said...

I simply cannot understand why every pollster even ranks Loisville and Worst Virginia in the top 20. Jimmy Clausen's high school team could beat both of them on consecutive days. Between the two of them they haven't yet played ONE quality opponent.

Both of them belong in Div. 1AA; that's who they mostly play against anyway.